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LEGACY Community Involvement

LEGACY Community Involvement

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LEGACY is proud to be an active member of the Fargo, Moorhead, West Fargo Chamber of Commerce. Our very own JT Froning serves as a Chamber Ambassador which is a group of business professionals that serve as the Public Relations arm of the Chamber. As Ambassadors, their role is to celebrate and support other local businesses, which helps to build a sense of community and camaraderie. By recognizing and celebrating the achievements of our peers, we help to create a positive, supportive environment where everyone can succeed. This, in turn, encourages more businesses to invest in our community and helps to attract new businesses to the area. We believe that supporting other businesses is crucial for the collective success of our community. When we celebrate grand openings, relocations, anniversaries, the milestones, and successes of area businesses, we not only contribute to their growth and prosperity, but we also help to build a stronger, more vibrant FMWF economy.

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LEGACY believes supporting Youth Athletics is important because it helps teach kids valuable life skills such as teamwork, perseverance, leadership, and goal setting. These characteristics are not only essential for success in sports but also translate into other areas of life, including education, career, and business. Through athletics, kids learn to push beyond their limits, take calculated risks, and develop a strong work ethic, all of which can serve them well in their future endeavors. By Supporting youth athletics, we can help young people build the foundation for a lifetime of success. Through athletics, kids can create a LEGACY that extends far beyond their time on the field, the court, or the track, and can continue to shape their lives and the lives of those around them for years to come!

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The Moorhead Business Association fosters growth of Moorhead business through advocacy, networking, and information. The MBA is committed to building a better place to conduct business by enhancing current business and by creating a community atmosphere, which is encouraging potential new business. LEGACY loves to be a part of the MBA because of how much their team works to help us grow, expand, and deliver for our community and our customers.

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LEGACY is a proud member of our local Home Builder Association. The HBA represents the home building industry throughout Fargo-Moorhead and the surrounding areas. The Association nurtures a thriving, innovative and diverse housing industry in our community that focuses on advocating for a strong building and remodeling industry.


BIO Girls Mission is to improve the self-esteem in adolescent girls through empowerment of self and service to others. BIO Girls offers a variety of preventative mental wellness programs that equip the next generation of LEGACY Leaders.