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LEGACY is the 2022 FMWF Chamber Choice Small Business Of The Year!
Mike Rowe is a big fan of LEGACY

The humble beginnings of this year’s Small Business of the Year started on a Saturday in 2017, after LEGACY’s two founders realized a shared vision to build a company that puts people first and serves its community. This is what they call the “LEGACY way.”

With a goal that continues to this day, LEGACY is working to revolutionize the industry by developing top-trained technicians who deliver outstanding workmanship, world-class customer service, and create the best plumbing experience in town.

The company started in the third stall of one of the founders’ own garage, and was followed by knocking on doors to introduce the new company in town. Today, it has a team of 23 on staff and specializes in 24-hour service, repair, remodel, and new construction plumbing.

Like many other businesses, LEGACY faced supply chain issues and price increases in 2021. It came out the other side by taking risks to pre-buy, stock up, and secure other suppliers.

The company is built on a culture of learning, support, and shared expertise, shaped by co-founders Rob Mesteth and Brad Kosidowski. The core values that guide the team are: Humble Beginnings, The LEGACY Way, Sacrifice, Conflict Resolution, Excellence in the Ordinary, Team, and Training and Education.

LEGACY organically instills “The LEGACY Way” in its employees every day by living and breathing these values. The team makes sacrifices together and celebrates its successes together. And, a monthly internal “Top Banana” award is given to an employee who exemplifies excellence by being a team player and displaying a positive attitude.

To address the workforce shortage, the company hired many young apprentices and ensured their success by investing in a full-time trainer to pass down the skills of the trade to the next generation. Following its mission to build better lives, they implemented a performance-based compensation plan so its team can achieve their dreams.

Supporting people also extends to the larger community. LEGACY is intentional about picking its partners, and supports local youth sports teams, serves on the Impact Committee for Bio Girls, and are Chamber ambassadors.

LEGACY’s strong community relationships led to the creation of a new plumbing construction division, and it is working on opening an HVAC division.

Co-owner Rob Mesteth says LEGACY promises to get up every day to build a legacy through service, one team, one customer, and one neighborhood at a time, the LEGACY way.